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The 7 Skills that an agent needs to master in order to list and sell property in high volume...

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What You Will Learn From These 7 Courses + FREE MINI COURSE

SKILL #1: How You Can Make 6 Figures Calling Expired Listings

In real estate sales listing property is the most valuable skill. This skill will determine the length of time you are in the business and how successful you ultimately will be.

SKILL #2: How To List More Properties In Less Time Like A Top Producer

Knowing what to focus and and how to schedule your time is a huge competitive advantage that will lead to more deals and more income.

SKILL #3: How To Prequalify Listing Appointments Like A Top Producer

Learn how to effectively and efficiently prequalify potential sellers ensuring you are fully prepared and dramatically increase the probability that at the culmination of your listing presentation a listing agreement gets signed. 

SKILL #4: How To Present An Offer So It Gets Accepted.

After you have listed a property and received an offer now you have to present the offer. Your ability to present offers is critically to your success as a listing agent.

SKILL #5: The Listing Presentation Of A Top Producer

Residential resale business and all of the leverage and income is on the listing side. When you list a property you become the employer and everyone else becomes the employee.

SKILL #6: How You Can Make 6 Figures Calling FSBO

Calling For Sale by Owners is a lucrative component of listing properties in high volume and from multiple sources. This skill will be an important part of scaling your business.

SKILL #7: How To Get A Price Reduction Like A Top Producer

After setting an appointment and performing a listing presentiation that resulted in a listing contract being signed if the property does not sell there are usually two reason why. The condition or the price. Having a proven plan and system in place for price reductions is critically to your success as a listing agent. .

FREE MINI COURSE: The power of PREsuasion

An up to date assessment of what is happening in our current industry, how to handle it and the power of using PREsuasion with your clients.

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