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"Finally! How To Become a Top Producing Agent"

(So You DON'T Have To Spend Thousands of Dollars On Training)

Dear Listing Agent,

If you want sell over 100+ homes a year, or just create financial freedom in your life then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because in today's real estate market, it is a constantly shifting and changing. If you are NOT increasing the amount of activity you are doing you WILL notice deals and income decline!

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

My name is Aaron Novello and I'm an expert on Sales and Persuasion.

I've closed over 200+ transactions a year for the last 3 years and over 100+ for the last 8.

This group coaching will give you everything you need to close more deals and level up your business successfully!

Every minute you wait is another minute the house down the street is sold by someone other than YOU!

People say YES after the 7th NO! If you are not pre-closing them during your experience at least 7 times, the chance of you losing the deal is HIGH. 

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

  • You'll learn the exact process I use and practice how to CLOSE more deals consistently
  •  You'll understand exactly why I use these methods and how it is CRITICAL in closing transactions
  •  You'll skip spending the thousands of dollars out of your pocket like I did
  •  You'll know exactly what do say and do it with confidence
  •  You'll have a TON more money in your pocket when you close those additional deals
  •  When you you meet with a client, think about how good you'll feel about yourself when you successfully sell CLOSE almost every time!
  •  When you get master this art, think about all the additional money you'll have to create financial freedom
  •  See yourself getting recognized at your agency about how you sold 100+ homes this year!

What current students have to say about Aaron and his group coaching mastermind program...

Jose Ruiz Morales

Current Student from Coaching Program.


Current Student from Coaching Program.

Joseph Condurso

Current Student from Coaching Program.

So Here's The Bottom Line With Group Coaching

You get the downloadable E-Book that will give you the personal business plan I use and the exact sales scripts that helped me close over 200+ deals a year. You get all the insiders-only checklist that my staff uses to help you get to closing fast. You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed!



You Get All Of This for Only $250 per Month!

When you join Aaron's Group Coaching Program, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

If for whatever reason you're the rare student who thinks they will  NOT make major strides towards achieving life-changing results in your Real Estate career, let me know within 1 week and I'll return every dime of your investment.

The Group Coaching Program is a challenge, NOT a walk in the park. This will be ALOT of work on your part. Be warned - this isn’t something you should pick up or join if you have a spare 30 minutes a day. Again, I'm serious to help you get RESULTS, and the ONLY way is of you to do the WORK that it's involved. Read below and make sure YOU are ready to make this work for you.

Do I have at least 1 hour week day that I can use to ONLY focus on this Coaching Program?

Can I follow directions as I'm self-aware that having a Coach | Mentor will help me dramatically on getting the RESULTS that I'm looking for in my Real Estate career?

Do I have the drive and motivation needed to get started with Aaron Novello's Group Coaching  Program?

Do I have the discipline required for atleast the next year to do what I have to do (taking action) to massively improve my chances of success?

If you answered yes to all of these, chances are the Group Coaching Program is a good fit for you. I’ll see you on the other side.

What Will I Gain From Coaching With Aaron?

 A MINDSET that is ESSENTIAL for results. It’s been inside you the whole time. 

 Becoming a TOP PRODUCER with Aaron means putting aside what you think you know about sales, confronting all of your fears, honing your skills through practice and precise execution.

 Coaching with Aaron is a massive action, hustle hard, skilled, confidence, and is willing to do the work needed to excel.

Every Agent Has An Ability To Succeed. It’s Time You LEVEL UP Your Business.

What If You Could Join Something That Would Allow You To Close More Deals A Year With Ease?

What if you were a part of a COMMUNITY...

A powerful place where you could PRACTICE, do the WORK, and become a  TOP PRODUCING agent in your region... 

An environment where you can come for help...
Where you can find accountability...
Where you can come to GAIN SKILLS and IMPLEMENT THEM...

My group coaching isn't just some basic coaching program that you find on the internet....  from someone who's barely sold real estate....
This is a group of agents all  striving to level up, TOGETHER.  

So How is My "Elite Group Coaching" Different?

Have you ever read information on how to close or know someone who has?

How about watching a few YouTube videos? A whole series?

What happened after "learning" the skills?

What happened after course or video was over?

Did you fall right back to where you started?

Did you continue to run your business the same?

Not after working with me.

Unless you just want to watch more videos, only to forget everything you learned, we need to learn a REAL system and Implement it EVERY TIME. 

That is how 13 years later I have close over 200+ deals a year. 

The key and TRUTH is in the PRACTICE & SKILL.

It's not popular to say that but you deserve to know the TRUTH!

So how do we create REAL tangible change in your business?

Let Go Of Your Ego...

Confront Your Fears With Confidence...

The Old Method Of Selling OVER.

It's time to WIN each day, one client at a time, TOGETHER.

I spent my first 3 years learning the system and the last 10 YEARS figuring out how to sell more and help others do the same!

And I KNOW for a fact that I've nailed this process. So I'm going give you all of the tools and teach you everything I know so you can do the exact same...

So no matter where you’re at...

...whether you just got your license and are waiting for your first sale

...or your trying to sell more than you ever have before

...or anywhere in between

...Group Coaching is the program you need to go from
where you are now to where you want to be!

So What Exactly Am I Getting?


>> The EXACT Scripts that I have used to close over 200+ homes a year:  You will never have to think about what to say to your clients again. Just study these and CLOSE!

>> The Business plan worksheet that I used and continue to use for my company: New to the Real Estate? Learn the BEST techniques from a listing pro. You'll be teaching all of your realtor friends in no time!

>> Pre-Qualification, FSBO & Listing Presentations: Get the best way to approach your clients in these situations with exactly what to say and knowing your potential objections right up front. Start with the one that works best for your business and work your way through, I challenge you!

>> How to Prepare for a Listing Presentation: Create Your System! This checklist will help you stay on top of everything you need to do before your listing presentation. Knowledge is a critical component and I am here to show you exactly what you need to real LASTING success!


>> How You Think Will Impact Your Business: We will go through mindset techniques needed to be a top producing agent. It's simple yet extremely powerful. 

>> Dealing with Rejection: In this business if you don't know how to handle rejection your confidence can be seriously compromised. In order to sell efficiently, your confidence is essential. 

>> Getting Out of Your Own Way: We will no longer allow ourselves to self sabotage. You won't believe how easy it is to bring yourself back during those tough moments. Experience a true level of peace and be proud of the choices you continue to make in your life and in your business.

>> Overcome Call Reluctance: More of a visual person? We get it. Get the benefits of the proprietary LadyBoss Blocking Method along with a professionally produced 30 second video that shows exactly how to make each recipes. Follow along nice and easy!

>> The Blocking Method - Build A Meal Library: Learn the in's and out's of the blocking method so you can easily do it on your own for those times when life throws you a curveball!


>> High Level Instruction: These systems and procedures that create massive success in your business  are given to you in a way that constructive and beneficial. We can condense years of learning into months and see results rapidly.

>> Exclusive Accountability Group: Join our private Group Coaching Clients only FB account with active members & past coaching clients. You will belong to an extremely powerful group of some of the most motivated and like-minded individuals in the game. Here you can find role playing partners, advice, motivation inspiration and make friends that will last. Share success, get help, ask questions, and live this lifestyle along with your new friends. You will even learn from me and some other Top Producing agents in the game.

>> Get access to community only events such as Swag Drops, Mystery Box Launches, Sparkle Sisters Leaderboards, and even enter to win LadyBoss Of The Month!


>> Exclusive Audio Roleplaying Files: Focused on what to say to clients, potential objections, and hear exactly the tone and speed I use. 

>> The Exact Checklist My Team Uses: For the listing agents out there, this hyper focused, simple to do check list will keep you and your team on the same page to efficiently and effectively increase your transactions. 

>> List of All the Software My Team Uses: In order to close 200 deals a year it is crucial that you are using the right systems. These tools go hand in hand when you are listing and producing at high levels. Easy to use and implement right away! 

Here's How To Order Right Now

So go ahead and click the button below now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

To your success,

Aaron Novello

P.S. - Every minute you wait is another homeowner you miss who will just use any ol realtor down the street or around the corner. Take action now and be on your way to hundreds of homes sold!

Act now before the price goes up!

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